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Welcome to the Sister Borgia Elementary School


Welcome to the Sister Borgia Elementary School                                                             We are called to Spread the Good News


October is the Month of Mary.

If you put all the love of all the mothers into one heart, it still would not equal the love of the Heart of Mary for her children (St. Louis de Montfort).


We congratulate all teachers as they celebrate World's Teachers' Appreciation Day.


Teachers you are the guidance of our children's future. You enlighten lives and lead them to a safe and right path. Any amount of thanks would not be enough. 

Here is wishing you a wonderful World's Teachers' Appreciation Day!



Mid-Term Break Vacation is from October 5-12.

Our School is participating in the St. Maarten Little League Association 17th annual RBC School Baseball tournament. The opening ceremony for the tournament is on Saturday, October 3rd at the Little League Stadium. Time: 1.00 p.m. Our players will be present at 12.30 p.m. in their full uniforms.

This is an activity that the entire family can enjoy so come out to support our students. We have not received the official schedule as yet, but once we do, it will be placed on the web-site.



Sending water to school as coolers are still not working.



Have a great week.


Kind regards,

Ms. Jacobs

The Month of Mary

The month of October is known as the month of Mary. During this month we pray the Hail Mary and the Hail, Holy Queen Prayers more often. We also meditate and pray the Rosary as a school.

In preparation for this occasion the prayers of the Rosary should be known as well as Hymns to Mary.

The prayers of the Rosary are: The Sign of the Cross, The Apostles’ Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father and Hail, Holy Queen.

The Hymns that will be sung are: Immaculate Mother and Daily, Daily sing to Mary.

Homework Policy


Foundation Catholic Education St. Maarten recognizes regular, purposeful homework as an essential component of the instructional process in all Catholic schools. Homework is an integral factor in fostering the academic achievement of students and in extending school activities into the home and the community.

Regular homework provides opportunities for developmental practice, drill, the application of skills already learned, the development of independent study skills, enrichment activities, and self-discipline. Homework should provide reinforcement and extension of class instruction, and should serve as a basis for further study and preparation for future class assignments.

In light of the major purposes for homework, it is not to be assigned as punishment for students for disciplinary reasons.

No homework will be given in groups one and two.


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