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 Here are some goals we found (Sr. Borgia Elementary School) that are important for parents:

 Our 5 Parenting Goals

  1. Keep my eyes open


Sometimes we notice that something does not feel right with a child but we get distracted. We are all very busy, it’s true. We have great pressures and responsibilities pulling us in too many directions. The child who seems a little ‘off’, not himself, snappy or more quiet than usual is trying to tell us something. But it is easy to tuck this information away in a back pocket and only realize that something is wrong when a crisis occurs. We then think back and recognize that the signs were there, we were just too preoccupied to pay attention.

Don’t allow problems with your child to fester and grow. Open your eyes and observe if a child seems sad, withdrawn, distant, more moody than usual, or angry. Recognize if there seems to be greater confrontation between this child and siblings, if friends stop calling or coming over, or if the child can’t seem to find his place in school. Because before you know it, half the year can go by and what could have been a small problem has now become a ‘situation’ that requires major time and investment and causes terrible aggravation.


 2. Develop a working relationship with teachers and staff

Reach out to your child’s teachers before your child reaches ‘zero hour.’ Many parents feel as if teachers are their opponents and don't realize that we are all here to try and help our children grow in the best way possible. If you think that there may be an issue, it is a good idea to set up a meeting with the teacher and ask how you can work in harmony. Too many parents call teachers to demand and accuse instead of saying that we would like to solve this problem together. Before going to the principal with a complaint, see if you can first diffuse the situation.

If there are any special concerns going on in your home, do not wait for the teacher to find out through your child’s acting up in class or failure to keep up with schoolwork and poor grades.

When a grandparent falls ill, if there is a health issue, financial stress, marital upheaval, problems with siblings, or any other factor that may affect your child’s academic or social success, it would be wise to enlist your child’s teacher as your confidentially and gain her/his understanding. You can believe that most teachers would go the extra mile and extend to your child an open heart.

3. Work on social skills

Help your child be successful this year by preparing him not just academically, but also socially. School is not simply about getting straight A’s, it is also about learning how to get on with others and knowing how to develop friendships. A child who is happy in school is a child who can focus on studying and doing well. He wants to be there and be a part of things. One who believes that school is all about academics and no social life unfortunately makes a big mistake.

 How can we better teach our children social skills?

  • Set rules and follow through with consequences when needed.
  • Set routines for meals and bedtimes that establish stability.
  • Develop your child’s ability to put himself in the shoes of others and grow more sensitive.
  • Help your child learn how to express frustration, disappointment and anger without hurting others or retreating into sullenness.
  • Establish basic rules of conduct: no hitting, kicking, biting, spitting, (no hands allowed), and no hurting others through our words.

4. Help children become independent

 When children feel as if they are gaining skills and becoming self-sufficient, they grow more confident in their abilities. You will watch their self-esteem take off. Each year, every child should be able to point with pride to a newfound skill or added responsibility that comes with age.

We can help our children grow independent and flourish by:

  • Teaching our children to pick out their clothing, dress themselves as they grow older, tie their own shoes, pack school snacks, make lunches the night before, set their own alarm clocks instead of waking them up, and having children put away their books and organizing themselves.
  • Allow a young child to complete puzzles and feed himself on his own and as he grows, to do his homework and projects by himself. It is much healthier to tell a child that you will check his work when he is done instead of sitting beside him and correcting the answers as he goes along. Book reports and science projects should not be parent’s homework.
  • Have your child help around the house and gain responsibilities instead of waiting to be served. Some skills children can help with are putting away laundry, setting and clearing the table, helping to serve guests, baking, cooking and keeping their room in order.


5. Communicate with each Child

Our children should never be afraid to speak with us. No matter how tough the topic, even if they messed up badly, they should not fear that we will hate them or want to close the door on them. Our love must be unconditional. True, there may be consequences or emotions of disappointment, but they must know that we are here for them. After all, we are their parents and if they cannot believe in our love for them, whose love can they believe in?

Work on communicating with your child this year. I am not just speaking about when you must call him in with a problem like failing grades or after you received a call from his teacher. I am talking about daily interactions where you share a smile, a good word, a laugh, a story, or a meal together. The main thing is that you put the time and energy in so that he knows that he matters in your life. 

  • Talk to your child every day-even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  • Put down your iPhone , turn off your laptop when your child (or you) return home, at mealtimes and story times, and when you pick your child up from school. Look at him and make eye contact while having a conversation.
  • Speak to your child in the tone and with the words that you wish he  would use with others.
  • Express your love every day, no matter how tough the day.

 I know that some days will bring unforeseen difficulties and that some children seem more challenging than others. But at least we will know in our hearts that we have tried our best to help our children navigate the road of life successfully

 Continue doing your best, because you are the first educator of your child.


This year our theme is: 

“We are called to Serve one Another”





To our parents

To our Parents:

Welcome back to all parents and a special welcome to all the new families joining our school this year. I am confident that soon you will find that you have made the right choice for your children. We are here for the children and we will always put the student’s need first. This is what education is about, and at Sr. Borgia Elementary School we have a clear understanding of this concept which is deeply embedded in our school ethos and philosophy. Having said that, I will also say that parent’s involvement in school life is fundamentally important. Children need to know that there is a strong connection between school and parents and that the parents are aware of what is going on and that they are there to offer support. Teachers and parents must work together in order to help the children become independent learners and ultimately learn how to become interdependent in order to become global citizens, responsible team players, and inspirational leaders. I would like to strongly encourage you to attend school events, starting with the General Meeting/Classroom Meeting on Thursday, August 21st, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at the Philipsburg Cultural Center.




Extended School Hours

As of Monday August 11, 2014 we will be implementing the extended school day  for all students until 2:00 p.m.
This also comes with an optional Extra Curricular Activities Program with homework guidance until 5:00 p.m.

This means that your child should be picked up at 2:00 p.m. instead of 12:45 p.m.
If you opt for the Extra Curricular Activities Program, you will pick up your child at 5:00 p.m.
Every Wednesday all students must be picked up at 12:45 p.m.
On Wednesdays the Extra Curricular Activities Program will be available from 1:00 p.m.  

For all students: there will be two snack periods during school hours so please remember to give your child an extra snack.


To our students

To our Students:

The first day of school marks the beginning of a journey that will take you through the school year, which is an opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and to have new experiences. My message to students is simple: treat every day in your life like it is the most important day. Start with the end in mind, and by this I mean think about you being promoted to the following grade with flying colors.
Once you’ve managed to do that, it means that you have a clearer target and a goal. All you then have to do is take the journey step by step and do your BEST in everything you do, both in and outside the classroom. Use every opportunity you have to learn and develop at all levels. You will have moments when you will be happy and you will have moments when you will feel disappointed. It is happening to all of us. The main thing is to always keep trying and always find a new way to approach the inevitable challenges that lie ahead. “In every difficulty lies opportunity”. Good luck all in the new academic year!

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