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Welcome to the Sister Borgia Elementary School

What I am to be

I am now becoming

If it is to be

It is up to me 



We are called to Share with Others! 

 Words of Inspiration

Heavenly Father
You are the One from Whom
every family derives its origin.
Grant that, in keeping with Your glorious riches
we may be strengthened with power
through the Spirit
for the development of our inner selves.
Help us to develop our natural potentialities
to the full
while at the same time growing in Your likeness
to Your Son Jesus Christ. Amen
New Saint Joseph People's Prayer Book


A word from the School Manager: 


Welcome to the Sister Borgia Elementary School

We are called to Share with Others

We are in the month of October and in this month we dedicate this month to Mary. On Monday, October 17th, 2016 at 7:35 am we will be praying together as a school family the Living Rosary under the gazebo. If you have time in your schedule join us in praying the Rosary.

I would like to thank all those students who attended mass on Saturday, October 15th, 2016 at the St. Martin of Tours Parish to pray along with the group  5 students who will be receiving their First Holy Communion this year the Rosary. Our school lead the Rosary and did it well. 

Thank you goes out to the students and parents and supporters who attending the opening of the RBC Baseball & Softball League on Saturday, October 15th, 2016 at the Little Leagues Stadium. Our school is participating in both leagues. The schedule will be forthcoming and we look forward and seeing you all their supporting our students.

Thank you to O'Shaden Stevens and his parents for attending the Rotary Spelling Bee Competition on Sunday. It was a nice challenge. We also thank the supporters for attending.


Kind regards,

Ms. Jacobs

School Uniform

The school uniform is available at Penny's Department Store. (Click here in order to read attached letter.)

Uniform Price list:

Shirts            $16.00

Polo's           $22.00

Short Pants    $13.50- $17.50

Long Pants    $17.50- $21.50

Skorts           $15.50- $18.00

Gym Shirt      $7.50

Gym Pants     $15.00 youth    $16.00  adult

Tie               $6.50

Crossbow Tie $ 6.50



Keeping you informed- Updates-Click the link(s) below: 

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Group 8: FBE Booklet Brochure



Have a great week.

Thank you

Project Healthy Schools


As of this school year Foundation Catholic Education will begin a program that should make our schools healthier. The school community thinks it is important that our students eat and drink healthier.  Children that eat and drink healthy are able to concentrate better and to learn better at school.


Our first goal is to drink less sweet beverages at school and to promote water.  All children in Cycle 2  are going to commence with nutrition lessons, which are meant to make you become aware of what you drink.  This will be done by hanging beverage posters in all classrooms as of mid-October.


Did you know that for instance, a pouch of apple juice contains almost as much sugar as a can of soda and that a pouch of Capri Sun contains almost three cubes of sugar?


Water is the best drink you can ever give your children, it keeps them healthy and fit.


A rubric will appear regularly in the schools’ monthly newsletter, whereby we will inform you of fun-facts pertaining to healthy nutrition and we will update you on the project at the school.




Homework Policy


Foundation Catholic Education St. Maarten recognizes regular, purposeful homework as an essential component of the instructional process in all Catholic schools. Homework is an integral factor in fostering the academic achievement of students and in extending school activities into the home and the community.

Regular homework provides opportunities for developmental practice, drill, the application of skills already learned, the development of independent study skills, enrichment activities, and self-discipline. Homework should provide reinforcement and extension of class instruction, and should serve as a basis for further study and preparation for future class assignments.

In light of the major purposes for homework, it is not to be assigned as punishment for students for disciplinary reasons.

No homework will be given in groups one and two.


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